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Members of the team (The Maxx)
  • Captain - Brandon Whitley (Lasoya Intimidator)                       
  • Hunter "Goat" Rains (Matrix)
  • Philip O'Malley (Intimidator)
  • Michael Calabufo (03 Intimidator)
  • Michael Drake (eBlade Cocker)
  • Anthony Moretta (Impulse)
  • Randy "Chop" Mullican (Impulse)
  • Bryce Blocker (Cobra Angel)               

About our team

The Maxx paintball team is based on a group of guys out of Memphis, Nashville, and Jackson,TN. We have all been playing together for about a year now and will hopefully stay together and progress for a while. We have just recently dropped some of our old talent and picked up some new, we are going to try out some 7man with our new guys.

We basically are a group of poor kids, two adults, that want to make it in the paintball world.


!Apparel coming soon!