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Welcome to The Maxx paintball teams' website.
This is The Maxx paintball team website and we made it to inform all of our dedicated fans of the tournaments we are playing in and how we do and how the other teams there did. We will try to have pictures from tournaments also. Go to the About page to learn more about us.
The Maxx News

The Maxx is no longer a full tournament team, we may get together for old time sake but who knows. Due to other deals and offers from other teams we have split up as a team. Brandon Whitley will be playing Division II X-Ball in the 2004 season with Asylum Factory Team located in Louisville, KY. Anthony Moretta, Philip O'Malley, and Michael Colabufo will be playing MSPA for Memphis Mayhem in 2004. GOAT will be retirering as a paintball player and will be starting his own business. The others on the team will be looking for other teams im sure or quiting im sure, haven't talked to them. I would like the thank EZ PAINTBALL for all of their help with whatever we needed in the past and hopefully will continue in the future. Also i want to thank all of the team members The Maxx has had in the past and the ones moving on, good luck in you guys paintball careers and GOAT good luck with your business, you guys were all the best to play with and made me happy to be captain of the team, thanks.



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2003 Accomplishments
Check the What's New Page for The Maxx and Mini Maxxs' accomplishments for 2003!

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