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MPL's this year
Feb - 2nd place
April - 3rd place
May - 1st place
June - 1st place
July - 2nd place
Aug - 3rd place

Other accomplishments

April - Mini Maxx won 1st place novice at Paintball Park

July - The Maxx won 1st place at the MSPA in Birmingham

July - Brandon Whitley and Mike Drake tied for 6th place in the World Paintball Skills Championship for front players in the Amateur division

August - 9th place in the Nashville MSPA

August - 2nd place in the Skeleton Crew 3man Open

October - Mini Maxx won the rookie at the Paintball Park

November - Mini Maxx won the young guns at the Paintball Park

December - The Maxx got 2nd in the Memphis Indoor 3man event

December - Mini Maxx missed the semis by 8 points in the Memphis Indoor 3man event

December - The Maxx got 15th place in the Memphis Indoor 5man event